Endorsed by:

Ted Cruz - U.S. Senator*, Bob Hall - Texas Senator*, Lt. Col. Allen West - Former Texas GOP Republican Party Chairman*, The Honorable Angela Powell - Plano Independent School District School Board | Place 2*, Fred Moses - Collin County Community College Board of Trustees | Place 1*, Linda Block - CCGOP Precinct Chair 115 : HD 70*
Terry Wade - CCGOP Precinct Chair 69 : HD 70*
, Pat Greer - CCGOP Precinct Chair 67 : HD 70*
, Doug Ray - CCGOP Precinct Chair 49 : HD 70*, 
Denise Midgley - CCGOP Precinct Chair 53 : HD 70*
, Ken Cook - CCGOP Precinct Chair 219 : HD 70*, 
Bruce Bishop - CCGOP Precinct Chair 1721*, 
Doug Reeves - CCGOP Precinct Chair 235 : HD 70*
, Mary Kaye Adams - CCGOP Precinct Chair 79 : HD 70*
, Victor Avila - Republican Candidate for Texas Land Commissioner*, Mark Kenney - CEO Think Multifamily, James Gerardi III - Major US ARNG, Alicia Chmielewski - Real Estate Auction Director, 3D Community LLC, Michael Duran - CEO Limitless Real Estate Group, Ioulia Brown - VP Mortgage Lending, Johnathan Brown - Agent Partner Solutions Real Estate, Chris Heatherdale - CEO Doubletime Cleaning, John Power - Investor, Tamiel Kenney - President Think Multifamily, Syed Akhter - Sr Account Manager Keko - Porsche, Sharon Albertson - Community Leader and Grassroots Activist, Chrissy O-Neil - School Pscyhologist, Xin Qi - Language Teacher, Carol Sewell - Community Leader and Grassroots Activist, Zhongwen Yang - Penn Mutual Financial Advisor, Lingling Wang - Business Owner, Jennifer Beadles, Travis Beadles - Construction Supervisor, Sandra Burdick - Reverand, Lavern Burdick - Reverand, Steve Werner - CEO Reaching Millions, Jared Tye - Real Estate Agent, Elizabeth Buenger - CEO Natural Wellness, Sarah Lavallee - Manager, James Lavallee - Demo Oversight Manager, Xu Huang - PhD Student, Xinyi Yang - Student, Zhiquing Wang - Small Business Owner, Chao Waggoner - Accountant, Adama Secada - DevOps Practice Head - Thunder Consulting, Chen Chen - Senior Financial Analyst, Yiwei Zhang - Technical Lead, Renu Singhal - Elementary Teacher, Brandi Shotwell - Principal Lender, Stacey Shotwell - Principal Lender, Bonnie Dortan - Veterans Healthcare, Rick Porter - Veteran and Contractor, Erika Ammerman - Anesthesiology Assistant, John Marsi - VP Operations, Dean Burdick - Retired, Janet Burdick - Retired, Leanne Carr - Customer Relations, Shirley Woo - Financial Specialist, Jennifer Tonelli - Account Executive, Rino Tonelli - Pharmacutical Sales, Allan Church - Service Manager, Scott Campbell - Management Press Ops, Kristen Campbell - CNA, Mat Depasquale - Software Engineer, Richard Governali - Insurance Training, Dana Pelkey - Owner and Operator, Duane Grant - Machinist, Pamela Hood - Retired Army, Diane LeCaptain - Marketing and Sales, Kathy Michaud - Retired, Curran Mead - Attorney, Ryan Johnson - Structural Designer, Johnny Vella - Restaurant Owner, Tony Vella - Restaurant Owner, Lydia Vella - Restaurant Owner, Alisa Overdorf - Veteran & VA Healthcare, David Fritz - Retired, Jenny Fritz - Retired, Ben Andrews - Strategic Account Manager, Angela Andrews - Registered Nurse, Michelle Azarcon - Patient Services, Christoper Antonissen - Owner/Operator, Roberta LeCaptain - Office Manager, Gavin Totten - Mechanic, Molly Ebert - RN, Jim Antonissen - Retired, Gail Antonissen - Retired, Ashley Akmanligil - Admin Assistant, Chad Carden - Office Manager, Tony Britt - Repairman, Nichole Fleming - Office Manager, Austin Fleming - Sales Consultant, Anthony Itnyre - Business Owner, Angela Itnyre - Sales Consultant, Andrew Itnyre - Salesman, Aurora Purdy - Teacher, Karen Back - Retired, Lana Knisely - Retired Teacher, Perry Knisely - Retired Rail Worker, Scott Totten - CNC Programmer, Kelly Salm - Human Resources, Sharon Hubbert - RN, Lydia Hilliar - School Teacher, Stuart Fritts - Account Manager, Sherry Calvert - USAF Retired, Rachel Hubbert - Veterinary, Theresa Hoskins - CEO Animal Rescue, Jack Killman - RN, James McFee - Retired Paramedic, Jeff Rice - VA Healthcare, Bobby Dorton - Self Employed, Marie Douglass - Project Engineer, Roger Saucier - Retired, Renee Early - RN, Tommy Dingus - Flight Paramedic, Jason Painter - EMS Educator, Vicki Behsman - Retired Nurse, Daryl Steinbrink - Pastor, Jeanne Steinbring - Pastor, Rev. Rolland Burt - Minister, Rev. LeeAnn Burt - Minister, Jennifer Roy - Community Leader, Trupti Desai - Social Activist, Sharon Borgne, Realtor

For Release: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Endorses Conservative Eric Bowlin for New Texas House District 70

Plano, Texas – Conservative Eric Bowlin receives full endorsement from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in the race for Texas House District 70:

“I’m proud to endorse Eric Bowlin for Texas HD-70 and I ask my fellow patriots to join me in supporting him. Eric is a veteran and an entrepreneur who will fight for a secure border, he will work to protect life, and he will work to support small businesses.”

– Sen. Ted Cruz

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U.S. Senator* TED CRUZ

“I’m proud to endorse Eric Bowlin for Texas HD-70 and I ask my fellow patriots to join me in supporting him. Eric is a veteran and an entrepreneur who will fight for a secure border, he will work to protect life, and he will work to support small businesses.”
Sen. Ted Cruz